What Kind Of Network Will Get You A Bae/Boo?

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Have you ever been in remote places where there was poor reception or epileptic power supply?

We’ll this was my experience during my penultimate year in the university, I studied a course that required me going into the “wild” to experience nature first hand.

The network reception there was so bad to the extent that you could only put your phone in one particular spot if you wanted to receive network to make a call.

Light too was nothing to write home about, so our phones were basically down.

Basically, most of the time my lines was not reachable.

I would love to ask you this question this morning, and I would really want you to think deeply about it.

When God dials your number, will it be reachable? or it will be saying switched off?

What I mean is that when God wants to speak with you, or communicate his plans with you, will you be in that position or posture that you can hear him?

Think about it deeply.

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God, because of his love is always trying to reach out to us, to help us in different areas.

Imagine God trying to give you directions about relationship, business, finance e.t.c. but you can’t hear

It’s very important for you not to “shi-marry” and for that not to happen, you’ll definitely need direction from God, but when your spirit man is in a posture where the network coverage is very bad, or the “battery of your spirit man” is out, how can you receive directions?

How is the state of your spirit man?

Is your spirit man positioned and configured to receive network from God’s service provider?

Refuse to let your spirit man get to a place where there’s “bad reception”

Don’t let your spirit man get into a state where the battery is low.

The state of your spirit man will determine a lot of things that happens in your life.

Be deliberate about developing your spirit man.

Be deliberate about studying God’s word.

Be deliberate about the place of prayers.

These are the ways we charge up our spirit man.

Spend quality time with God, this is how the God can of life that is able to “charge us up” will flow into our lives.

I give diligence to development of my spirit man.

Holy Spirit, help me to be consistent in my walk with you.

The spirit of a man is the lamp of the LORD, Searching all the inner depths of his heart. (Prov. 20:27, NKJV)

“Charge up” your spirit man by praying in tongues for an hour today

Jude 1:20

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  • Jesupelumi says:

    I develop my spirit man diligently

  • Oshams says:

    I develop my spirit man diligently

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