What To Do When God Seems Silent

What To Do When God Seems Silent

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I know it may not look like it right now.

I know it may not even seem like it right now but I want you to know beyond a doubt that God is working things out behind the scenes of your life.

It might seem like the year is almost over and that God has not answered that prayer in your heart for a spouse.

Just keep calm and trust God, trust His process, trust that God knows exactly what He is doing with your life.

Don’t let those past failed relationships discourage you. As a matter of fact, discouragement is one of the main tools the enemy uses against believers.

The Devil tries to do things that will make you doubt the workings of God in your life. But don’t be discouraged. 

Keep believing and keep trusting that God is doing something, God is working out something big in your life, God is with you in this season, God is working out His purpose in your life. 

It is important that you understand this.

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Just look at the story of Joseph once again. He was sold into slavery by family as a teenager, was accused of rape and thrown into prison in a foreign land, and eventually, being in prison opened doors for him in the palace and led to his being prime minister in Egypt.

This story blows my mind every time. And I look at Joseph and want to be like him, because he was a man who trusted God in the process. 

What does this tell you?

God is a master script writer. If you let Him do His work, He will bring out gold from what you might think is junk. 

If you want your future marriage to work out, you have got to trust in the God who specializes in working things out behind the scenes.

I’d leave you with this Scripture. It says in

Romans 8:28 (ASV) And we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, [even] to them that are called according to [his] purpose.

Always remember this: all things are working out together for your good. So just be calm and trust God in the process. Be like Joseph.

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I am filled with the peace of the Holy Spirit and I do not worry about my marital future because I choose today to trust God with my life.

Lord, help me to trust that you are working behind the scenes of my life.

The Devil tries to do things that will make you doubt the workings of God in your life. But don’t be discouraged. 

Keep saying to yourself how that things are working out together for your good today and forever.

Romans 8

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