What Your Siblings Are Teaching You About Relationships

I think my brother is the most annoying person in this world. I am not even joking. Lol! Anyone who derives joy in jumping on your bed immediately after making it is annoying.

But he is also fun to be with, very funny and shows me his very compassionate side on rare days.

Let me give you a peep into how our conversation went on one of the days he did his annoying thingy.

Me: (angrily) Get up from my bed and get out of my room now
My Brother: (laughs hysterically at my frustration) Is that how you will tell your husband to get out when he annoys you?

People of God, I was just too weak with laughter to give him a response. As a matter of fact, he showed me something very important about God and His systematic ways of running things.

You see, God didn’t set us in families just because He felt like doing so. There is a purpose to the family system on this earth. I believe that a portion of that larger purpose is to teach individuals how to handle relationships, intimate relationships in this case, beyond the boundaries of immediate family members.

This makes so much sense to me. I am going to highlight two major things that your siblings are teaching you about relationships.

Here we go.

First, your siblings, those annoying siblings of yours, show you that relationships don’t work without PATIENCE. No matter how annoying your sibling or siblings get, you still live with them. Lol!

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It’s not like you can throw them out of the house or say from today, we are not siblings again; I choose not to be related to you.

So somehow, you learn to tolerate them and their excesses. Please, kindly note here that they tolerate you and your excesses too. So it’s not a one-sided lecture on tolerance. Lol!

Second, they show you the possibility of OVERLOOKING the tiny annoying character traits of a person, which in this case is your partner. Overtime, after shouting the house down over your sister’s annoying tendency to procrastinate getting house chores done, you begin to actually start to overlook the issue and just move on with your life. Lol! You cannot even come and kill yourself.

Isn’t God so wise by placing us in families? Families are learning systems created by God to help you handle relationships in your life the right way, especially a relationship with marriage in view.

May the Lord grant us more understanding in Jesus name.

My eyes are opened to see the real purpose of God for my family.

Lord, thank you so much for my family.

Families are learning systems created by God to help you handle relationships in your life the right way, especially a relationship with marriage in view.

Read bible reading for today

Jer 31:1 At the same time, saith the LORD, will I be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be my people (KJV).

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