Why You Need To Apply The Brakes

Why You Need To Apply The Brakes

It is almost unbelievable how most people think that being in a relationship helps to sort out their loneliness issues. This is the most unreal thing to ever believe in. It is an absolute lie!

Being in a relationship CAN NEVER and WILL NEVER be the cure for your loneliness. So if you are currently unhappy with being by yourself or if you find yourself really uncomfortable with having some time alone to yourself, then a relationship is exactly what you don’t need.

Listen, no matter how amazing, great or interesting your future partner is going to be, they will never be the solution to your loneliness problem.

The only solution to your loneliness problem is JESUS. I am telling you!

No human being can ever fill that space or that need in your heart except JESUS.

As a single lady or as a single guy, you have got to learn how to enjoy being in an exciting, refreshing and creative relationship with JESUS before any other human being.

As a matter of fact, I really do believe that if you are able to sort out your relationship with JESUS, you really would be able to give your best self to your bae or boo eventually.

This is because we were made to solely depend on JESUS for our joy and our peace. Nothing else and no one else can take the place of Jesus in your life.

I cannot say this enough. If you try to maybe get into a relationship without being friends with Jesus, or without learning to really love JESUS, you will frustrate your partner because you would be demanding things from your partner that he or she will be unable to give you because he or she is HUMAN.

Do you remember the story of the woman whom Jesus met by the well in John 4? I bet you do. This woman was THIRSTY.

She had a desire that she felt jumping from one man to the other would satisfy. So she had this long line of men in her life, yet she wasn’t satisfied.

It took Jesus opening her eyes to see that He was who she needed and not all those men she was in a relationship with.

See what Jesus said:

John 4 verse 14 (NLT)
But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.

So, you need to first have a thriving relationship with God before you can have a thriving relationship with any other person.

May the Lord grant us more understanding in Jesus name. Amen!

I constantly enjoy a thriving relationship with Jesus and I am never bored with being in His presence all day, and every time.

Lord, help me to love spending time with you hourly, daily and for always.

You need to have a thriving relationship with Jesus before you can have a thriving relationship with other people in your life.

Take some time out to be with Jesus today.

John 4

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Oshams Ebinum

I am Oshams, writer, blogger, soon-to-be author and Word-Lover.

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  1. Oyindamola

    I take time to be with Jesus.

  2. Prince

    My relationship with God and myself is fantastic!

  3. Jesupelumi

    I enjoy a continuous thriving relationship with Jesus

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