Wives, Do These Five Things To Your Husbands’ – Part 2

Wives, Do These Five Things To Your Husbands’ – Part 2

We started this topic yesterday, we looked at
1. Lovingly ask your husband what his present needs are and how you can
meet them.

Today we will look at

2. Be ready to offer him help.
I know some women could be saying, I need help also, let him help himself, is he a baby?
And yes, it could be overwhelming. When you work at a job, care for the house, the children, go to the market, do the laundry at times, there seem to be no time to take care of yourself, let alone help him out.
I always tell people, God is asking you to be everything. He is asking you to be all that is needed par time with the strength He supplies.

This help could be as simple as being a good listener, who offered support.

There is capacity inside every woman to function as an helper. This is an unselfish role. You must be willing to play this role and put on the garment of a helper.
Remember, you want to be a wife that will be celebrated, whose rewards will be obvious to all.

3. Pray for you husband
Some people believe that when you pray you are being fanatical. Well, try functioning without oxygen and see how far you can go. It’s almost impossible.
You pray not only because you have a problem.

Develop a relationship with the Father. In that case, you learn to talk with Him about everything, especially about your husband. Pray for his protection in this evil world. Pray for his job, you can make use of a daily praying guide.
Remember, when you are praying for your husband you are praying for yourself.

4. Submission is a vital part of the deal
The word submission have been abused and it’s intention have been reduced to merely that of the lord and servant.
Submission and love go hand in hand. A wife that is loved, will definitely be submitted.

The role of a woman vis a vis that of a man requires her to be submissive.
She is not inferior to her husband, but positionally, she occupies the second position.
For any woman and wife to make the home and marriage worthwhile, she has to be submissive to her own husband.

5. Respect him.
There is no husband who does like being respected. If you think respect is no big deal to your husband, wait till some one else gives him respect and see what happens.

If your husband is not making a big deal of you respecting him, wait till a few more years. It will be as if your husband has changed from who he was.
So it’s better to begin now practicing respecting him.

Respect can be seen in almost everything. From how you prepare his food, to the way it is served, how you talk to him and talk about him in private and public all reveal the way you value and respect him.

I believe if we can do these things, we will be loved, cherished and valued more by our husbands.

God bless our marriages.

I am loyal and faithful wife.

Lord, help me to do what is necessary to make me valuable to my husband.

To be a celebrated wife takes a lot of effort, they don’t just fall like ripe mangoes

Practice these points above

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Pastor Sophia Bola Okunowo

Sophia Bolanle Okunowo pastors alongside her husband at Shouts Of Grace Center in Ibadan. She is an administrator with a Health Provider company. She desires to see marriages blessed and fulfilling it's purpose.

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    well, mine is actually a question and not a comment ma’am, what happens to giving every due respect and submission to a supposed husband and in return he regards you as being worthless

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