You And Bae Can Rock That Relationship

You And Bae Can Rock That Relationship

Are you in a relationship currently?
Does it seem you were better off when you were ‘off the hook’ than now you’ve been hooked up? I mean, you were more pure when you were not in the relationship than now?

Before you entered a relationship, you were 100% on guard, but now that you are with the one you love, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain that guard.

I understand… totally.
This is the one you love, so it can be really difficult – you may have trained your emotions to remain calm in the face of the opposite sex, but now that you’ve found the one that makes your heart beat, the story has changed.

S/he makes your heart beat; great! But you may have well discovered that that beating of your heart sets off the latch of your emotions; so your emotions now run amok when you guys are together!
And so you are caught in a struggle! You’ve probably shared some kisses here and there… some touches here and there… and you are wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into!

Don’t worry. Some help is here.
There’s a power of two that you may not have tapped into. You and bae can rock that relationship! Two is powerful!

Scripture is very clear on the fact that two is powerful! See this for instance:

“Two people are better than one. When two people work together, they get more work done. IF ONE PERSON FALLS, THE OTHER PERSON CAN REACH OUT TO HELP. But those who are alone when they fall have no one to help them.”
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 ERV

Now read those lines in bold again; that is our focus in today’s devotional.

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You are spiritual.
Your partner is spiritual.
So when you come together, there should be multiplied fire, not quenching of fire!

Now see one way you can maximize your relationship for purity:

When you get into a relationship, make some decisions WITH your partner.
Set the boundaries of the relationship WITH your partner… let both of you run with the same conviction.

Both of you must come together, and make decisions like:
In this relationship, we are not permitted to kiss.
In this relationship, no unwholesome touching.
No Jeru trip till marriage.

It is not enough to make up your mind individually… let your partner in on that.

You know why it’s good to do this with your partner?

Sometimes, when you are with him/her, your sense may fail you, and you will need someone to keep you in order. And woe betide you if your partner that is meant to keep you in order have not set those boundaries… or not wanting to ‘hurt’ your feelings (because he/she doesn’t know that you don’t really want to), succumbs to your ‘failed sense’

When you set some boundaries with your partner, you both can keep each other in check!
When your sense escapes right through the window when you are with her, and the motions of Jeru trip starts moving in you, she can slap your sense back into you… because she knows you don’t really really want it.
And when her sense evaporates in your presence, and she begins to desire some smooching, you can excuse yourself to go and pay your light bill!

So dear KHCites, let’s maximize the power of two in our relationships, so that God can be honoured therein.

May the LORD grant us grace.

I maintain my guard even in this godly relationship heading to marriage.

LORD, forgive my partner and I for the times we’ve missed it in our relationship. Help us to maintain sexual purity henceforth.

You are spiritual. Your partner is spiritual. You should enhance (build) each other, not tear each other down.

Set boundaries with your partner.
[If s/he does not agree to the boundaries, it may well be your cue to flee!]

1 Corinthians 6:12-20

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