You Are Not Forgotten

Hey you who thinks that God has forgotten you, you who believes that marriage was probably not meant for people like you.

You who has begun thinking that just maybe your own Saturday will never come and that perhaps you must be the most unattractive lady or guy ever not to be noticed by a decent christian guy or lady.

You who has begun thinking about how you will get married soon with a pay that can barely keep body and soul together let alone plan for a wedding.

Hey you, thinking about the seemingly great mountains of impossibilities facing your relationship right now, and you are wondering if these mountains are surmountable.

Hey you wondering if God really cares that you are getting older and no man or woman seems to be in your corner.

I have brought HOPE to you today!

I have brought the PRECIOUS PROMISES of God for you to hold on to.

But first, I want you to know that God’s got you! He has got you so fiercely, yet, so tenderly.

All his plans towards you are all good and none evil. He is a God who is incapable of thinking evil towards you.

Don’t think He doesn’t see the tears you cry every night. Don’t think He doesn’t see how you struggle to praise Him even as you weather this storm.

Remember how the wall of Jericho fell?Interesting story, isn’t it?

Ordinarily, that kind of wall should not have fallen in SEVEN days. It should have taken years, long years of strategy and planning before the final execution. But we serve a God who specializes in doing a quick job in the life of His children…Glory!

He is not bound by space and time. He can decide to cut short the long process and jump protocols for your sake.

What are you believing God for? A partner? Your wedding? A job? A better job? Whatever it is!! It is going to come to pass and speedily too.

Just keep holding on to the words of our promise keeping God. Just keep believing that all things are working together for your good even right now!!


The Lord is doing a quick and speedy work in my life even right now.

Lord, by your Spirit, help me to hold on to your word with everything I have got.

The Lord has got you so fiercely, yet, so tenderly.

Look for one scripture that speaks to your current circumstance and confess it consistently.

Romans 8

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  • Jesupelumi says:

    The Lord is doing a quick and speedy work in my life

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