You May Now Kiss The Bride

You May Now Kiss The Bride

Man: I take you, …, as my lawfully wedded wife. To love and to cherish…

Wife: I take you, …, as my lawfully wedded husband. To love and to cherish…

Priest: With the power vested on me, I now declare you man and wife. YOU MAY NOW KISS THE BRIDE!

Audience cheers as the couple edges closer to share their first kiss…

You mean the first kiss is meant to be shared after wedding?
Uh huhhh…
I’m just interpreting the priest’s statement.


How does that sound to you?

To me, that pretty sounds like God (through the priest) lifting the embargo for the couple to start the exploration journey.

These seem to be the unspoken words of the priest:
Son, I know that since you meant her, your hands have been having tremor towards her body… it has been doing you to touch.

You have bitten your mouth several times to keep it from biting into hers… it has been doing you to kiss.

It has been doing you to embark on Jeru trip.But there has been an embargo on such, for your good.But now, by the power vested on me, you may now kiss the bride.

I can hear someone screaming already, “So kissing is wrong too?!!!!”
Yes sir!

Anything that launches or takes her/him on that fateful journey is inappropriate.

Kissing, touching, Jeru trip, and the likes are all wrong before marriage.
I can hear another saying, “Then no one is free!”

But I hear God’s response to Elijah loud and clear, “There are still 7000 men who have not bowed to Baal.”

There are still men who haven’t bowed! Follow after such men.

Follow after purity.

Even nature suggests purity to us.

When I think of the hymen, sometimes I think it’s the shortened version of “HeY MEN! Stop! Restricted access… only for my husband!” …lol #selah

Brethren of KHC, a new commandment I give thee today: GIVE THOU RESPECT UNTO WHOM IT IS DUE!

Before marriage,

1. Respect the priest; keep off from her/his lips.
2. Respect the hymen; men, keep off from that region; ladies, guard that region.
3. Respect her/his body; keep your hands to yourself.
4. Most importantly, respect God; keep off from every appearance of evil.

Keep His Word.
I cannot wrap up today’s straight talk without talking to you… you that have shared kisses and probably gone on Jeru trip(s).

Listen to me.
Your lost glory can still be restored!

Don’t allow the devil pin you down there [on guilt street] with the same old lines, “Since you’ve done it, there’s no hope for you!”

The devil is a liar right? John 8:44So just turn his words to the opposite and voila, you have the truth.

So the truth is:”You’ve done it, no doubt; but there’s hope for you.”
I see GRACE stretching forth His hand to you, reaching out to you today, with the very same words as always:

“I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more.” (John 8:10-11)
Take a decision today.Repent of your sins.Confess them.Receive God’s forgiveness.Forgive yourself.Then live in the grace that God has provided… that grace gives you dominion over sin.

All turning points start with a decision under God.Can you make a decision today?No touching [again]No kissing [again]No Jeru trip [again]

If you are engaged, make the decision with your partner.If he/she doesn’t agree to it, it may well be a sign you are in the wrong relationship. FLEE!

I pray for you:Receive the strength to live a pure life and relationship. The devil will not have you!I break the hold of sin upon your life by the Blood.I release the anointing upon your life.You will not miss it! Your marriage will be heavenly.

As I end; you remember the first scene in this article?Picture yourself there, standing before the minister of God, and making your vow to your God-packaged lover. This is surely your year!

I touch not; I kiss not; no Jeru Trip… till marriage brings us together.

I have strength to give respect to everyone it is due.

Can a man take fire to his bosom, nd his clothes not be burned? Can one walk on hot coals, and his feet not be seared? Proverbs 6:27-28 NKJV

Talk to a mature and balanced believer if you still feel the guilt of past errors eating you up.

Proverbs 6:20-29, John 8:1-1

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  1. Samson Jay Nnamani

    I wil not miss it, my marriage is heavenly, I say no to all the UNHOLY things.

    1. Akpoke Ogbonnaya


  2. Pastor Sophia

    Thanks, Ogbonna. This is rather apt. God bless you.
    The truth must be told to this generation.
    Purity is a MUST.

    1. Akpoke Ogbonnaya

      Yes ma… Purity is a must.
      Thank you ma

  3. Sylvester Obinna

    I touch not.
    I kiss not.
    I jeru trip not.

  4. Oni Elizabeth


  5. Jesupelumi

    I say no to anything that does not honour the Father

  6. Simply peculiar

    I receive Grace to honour God more in my relationship in Jesus name

  7. John

    I receive strength to live a pure life and have a pure relationship in Jesus name

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