Your Lover Is In You, Dear Single

Your Lover Is In You, Dear Single

Adam was alone, but right within him, the very helper he needed was tucked away in his ribs.

He was alone, but the person that will complete him was right within him.

When Eve arrived, Adam did not say, “Who’s this? despite seeing her for the first time.

God said nothing. He only presented Eve. Adam was not at a loss.

Rather, he went into a frenzy of “speaking in tongues” and uttering some revelation about her identity.

There was an immediate connection.

He knew that Eve was him.

Eve did not argue. She did not contest Adam’s rants. She knew Adam was her.

It was a proposal out of this world, a marriage made in heaven. God Himself, behind its orchestration.

Was God involved? Yes!

How much was God involved? All the way. Hundred percent.

This marriage seemed rock sure. All these happened in Chapter two.

Fast forward to Chapter three, the devil showed up. He successfully deceived Eve and Adam sinned with her. He pitched this beautiful marriage against God.

His tactics have not changed.

When He sees anything good, he moves in to mess it up.

Their deep connection, Adam’s revelation, Eve’s cooperation, God’s involvement did not stop the devil from showing up.

A lot of relationships have been discarded, ended, and thrown into trash can because of little challenges.

We say things like, “If God is really involved, I will not be going through all these.”

If this is of God, there won’t be all these issues.”

Well, do you realize, that the devil often shows up because “It is actually God?”

The presence of challenges do not mean God is not involved. It may actually mean God is involved and the devil doesn’t want that to happen.

In the event of challenges that come to rock your love boat, the question then is to ask, “Was this person ever the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh?

Was there ever a deep connection at the inception or just some casual infatuation?

Was there a spiritual experience or it was just a story of sexual compromise and perversion?

Was there ever peace at the beginning? Was God involved? Was this person ever in me? Did he or she ever love me? Or was just interested in having a piece of my body?

It there was peace, then fight for that relationship so that you do not miss God because of challenges or some temperamental differences.

The only time you can let go is if the other person is wrapped up in the bond of iniquity without any willingness to change. If there is unrepentant habitual sin, then you should drop it like hot potatoes!

A lot of singles have missed God and dropped their fruits over irrelevances.

This year, you will not drop your fruit.

A lot more are not able to “carry” their ribs to the point being made into a spouse because they don’t have what it takes to carry “another”

Immaturity. Greed. Selfishness.

A lot of delays are self inflicted.

A lot of family issues.

A lot of hangups. So many things.

But God is going to give you the victory.

On February 1st, we are going to be having the most comprehensive online programme we’ve ever held on KHC, for singles who are already of marriageable age and yet nothing is forthcoming!

I can feel their frustrations. Hundreds of them have called me. I have fasted and prayed with many. I have seen some of them get married. God gives victory!

Marital Breakthrough programme for 28 days will explore every known possible issues and dislodge them, by the help of the Holy Spirit, we will get to the root of that issue. God will be speaking to many of you, revelations will be poured into your spirit, He will be showing you great and might things that you know not.

He is going to pour out His Spirit upon you, the spirit of favour will displace dis-fvour, doors will open for you and that wedding will be a reality. Get ready to confront yourself, and to make changes. Get ready to position yourself for that bone of your bones and flesh of your flesh.

Not every lover is meant for you. You really want that man or woman who God has for you and who will have the fear of God and will love you with all his or her heart. There are lovers, good people, and there are cattle, (those that have no direction) fowl of the air (the type that fly away after jeru trip) and there are beasts of the field (the type that beat you up after little provocations)

Adam encountered them, but he was wise not to consider them for marriage.

Genesis 2:20 (KJV)  
And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.

After M.B programme, cattle, fowl of the air and beasts of the field will no longer come your way. Your God-ordained spouse will show up!

The programme is not meant for everybody. Just a few. You will know if it is meant for you. God will tell you if it is your season. It will resonate in your heart that you must be a part of the programme. Go ahead and register if you haven’t, we still have a few spots left! Registration closes tomorrow. Go HERE to register or use button below.

May God bless your relationship.

Confession for the day
I have marital breakthrough this year.

Prayer for the day
Lord, give me wisdom

Thought of the day
Ask God to teach you what you do not know

Action plan
Follow the principles that you learn here

Bible Reading
Ephesians 5

Pastor Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

Husband of one. Father of Three. Mentor of thousands. Impact to nations. Addicted writer. Web Developer. Pastor at Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan, Nigeria. Facilitator of Kisses and Huggs Club. Follow on Instagram HERE

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  1. Prince

    Very true… every relationship God puts together always has a peace but the devil will always show up to bring insecurity….may the Lord help us not drop our fruit.

  2. Clinton Nkwa

    My fruit will not drop in Jesus name, Amen

  3. Sylvester Obinna

    Cattle, fowl and beast…that’s deep sir.
    More unction sir.

  4. Sylvester Obinna

    I was blessed sir!
    More Grace…

  5. Samson Jay Nnamani

    Lord give me wisdom… Amen

  6. John Oluwawalemi

    Wow.. Thank you very much sir for this.. I was indeed blessed!!!

  7. Tejumade Adeola Ogechi sir for the it was ẹyẹ opening and I was blessed

  8. Boluwatife

    Father teach me what I do not know….. My fruit will not drop before its time over irrelevances in Jesus name

  9. Oni Elizabeth


  10. Pastor Sophia

    Register for the M.B programme. Favour will displace disfavour.

    This is your season in Jesus name.
    Well done my hubby, wuah…

  11. Israel Dairo

    I will not drop my fruit

  12. Oladunni

    God bless the and that wrote this am blessed.

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