Your Marital Status Can Change This Year

Isaac and Rebekah’s love story is a super interesting one for me and inspirational too.

You see, Abraham was so concerned about whom Isaac would eventually get married to that he had to take steps to ensure Isaac got married to a lady from his country. He didn’t want him getting married to Canaanite women.

We know how this story goes. Abraham sent his servant to his country who eventually found Rebekah by the help of God, and by the well.

If you read that story carefully, you would know that Rebekah did not leave her father’s house for the well that morning with the knowing that she was going to water her future father-in-law’s servant’s camels.

She did not ever imagine that there would be a radical shift in her status that day. But it happened, people of God, it happened.

Rebekah woke up single and ended up married before the end of that day. Miss to Mrs in ONE day.

And even though, we did not get to see Rebekah’s prayer points prior to that time or know if she really cared about being married, we sure do know that she wanted to be married because she promptly agreed to follow Abraham’s servant that same day.

If she didn’t want to get married, she would have hesitated. But God who orchestrates events knew that her willingness was not going to be an issue.

What is the moral lesson of this story? Simple! It costs God nothing, absolutely nothing to change your marital status this year. He is God; He is a great God, and He specializes in doing great things.

I believe the reason we do not see great things happen in our lives on a constant basis is because we have limited our God. We have placed God in a box and have compartmentalized what He can and cannot do or will not do.

We have even told Him things like, “This is what I know you can do, so I am asking you for a rented apartment, but as for my own house, I know you can give me, but I really do not think you will do it.”

We don’t say these things out loud, but our thoughts reach out to God loud and clear.
eriously, it is time to believe God for the impossible this year. If God can arrange somebody’s marriage in twenty four hours, a month is more than enough time for Him to make something awesome happen in your own life too.

Who is going to believe God with me for a miracle this year? Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is too hard for the Lord to do. Hold on to that thought and see God work wonders in your life.

Lord, I believe that you can change my marital status this year.

Lord, help me to trust and focus on your greatness regardless of what current circumstances are saying.

Nothing is too hard for God to do

I decide today to trust in your greatness today

Genesis 24: 50-67

  • Boluwatife says:

    Father I ask for forgiveness because I have limited you, help me to trust in you and focus on your greatness regardless of what I see

  • John Oluwawalemi says:

    Father, I thank you because nothing is too hard for you to do

  • Adebisi Ajibade says:

    Lord, I trust you to change my marital status this year.

  • Kaycee says:

    Lord, i believe u are an Impossibility Specialist. Change my marital status this year in Jesus name AMEN!!!
    April is my month in Jesus name AMEN!!!!!!!

  • Jesupelumi says:

    Lord I believe

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