Pre-Wedding /Marriage Counseling Course


The pre-wedding classes are simply ideal for you if you are already in courtship and looking forward to a Wedding in the next few month or years.

It will help you to ask the right questions and adequately prepare you for the wedding.

There are Eleven Modules in all!

There are over fifty classes in all. Each class comes with assignments and discussions.



Module 1

Introduction To Marriage Counseling

Module 2

What is Marriage?

Module 3

All about Sex

Module 4

Marriage as a Covenant

Module 5

What is Communication?

Module 6

Character Development

Module 7

Finances & Money

Module 8

Cultivating a Strong Marriage

Module 9

Conflict Resolution in Marriage

Module 10

Expressing Love In Marriage

Module 11

Preparation For Marriage

Final Session

Final Class (Video Chat With Counsellors)

Furthermore, Each of the 53 Lessons includes:

1. Comprehensive Teaching

2. Assignments

3. Confessions

4. Action Plans

5. Questions to ask him

6. Questions to ask her

7. Books Downloads & Reading (On Relationship & Marriage)

8. Prayer Points


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