We have been married for 2 years and we have not had penetrative sex, she complains of pain all the time and is tired all the time we tried. We later discovered that she has vaginismus which makes sex impossible and attempts to penetrate painful. All advice is to use enough lubricants, good foreplay, and study each other’s body with an open mind and acceptance.
But unfortunately, non of this advice worked with her, she gets easily angry, she is easily irritated, we can’t even have an enjoyable kiss, she doesn’t want to try anything, and I can’t even touch her anymore. I have tried to encourage her in many ways but nothing changes. I’m a frustrated man right now. We don’t even have a kid yet and we are both getting older. Every time I think about her reaction when we are in our private time, break me down.

I literally drag her to see a gynecologist and every piece of advice she offered, wasn’t practiced by my dear wife. I love her and I want this marriage to work. It’s been two years how long do we continue with this, especially when she has not done anything encouraging about it?


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