My husband and I were married in the year 2020. The foundation upon which we got married was wrong. As a Christian I know fornication is a sin but when I found out that I was pregnant, based on that, and got married. In fact, I was regretful that things had happened that way.

Fast forward we have a son who is 2 years and expecting another child. My husband has started seeing this young girl who is 22 years. I’m 34 and he is 35. At first, the girl didn’t know he was married because my husband didn’t tell her, but after I saw their chats I personally called the girl to let her know the man she has started dating is married to me. She said she was sorry and didn’t know.

Now that she is aware they still keep in touch. My husband actually paid her a visit in school in another city just this Monday. When I complained, my husband said I’m too opinionated and I am an “Always right woman which is why he has been pushed outside to chase another girl. He says I also do not respect him. When I heard him out I was very remorseful.

I have asked the Lord to help me change every negative thing about my character and help me be a better wife and help me love my husband unconditionally. I know I’m making progress and the Lord will help me. Just 2 days ago I contacted the girl to let her know I’m aware they are keeping the relationship. She doesn’t seem to be bothered.
I have decided to surrender and not fight physically again but put everything before the Lord in prayer.

Right now it is hard for me to even pray not to talk of fighting this battle spiritually.
I only pray for more strength to keep me praying regularly.
Though I have asked the Lord to fight for me, I always feel pain and heartbroken anytime I watch my husband sneak out to call her.
Please what advice can you give me? And please family help me in prayers to fight for marriage.

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