I am 33 years by the grace of God, I am in a relationship where the guy has no priority for me, if I don’t call he doesn’t call and when I call he seems busy with one work or the other. If I complain about it, he finds a way of making me feel I was the one who is wrong, he is too defensive even to the least issue he will always have an excuse. I try in my little way to get him gifts, but he has never done that, even on my birthday, we are getting to a year together, I can’t boldly tell that he gave me money even 2k, he works, if I ask, he will said he has his siblings to take care of, since I am working he believes I can take care of my needs. It scared me a lot; I complained about his attitude and he got angry, I called he didn’t pick and for the past two weeks now we have not been talking. Thanks in anticipation of your kind response.

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