My husband is a man of God, we have a song and drama ministry. I handle the song, I am a song minister.

My issue is that my husband doesn’t appreciate me at all, no matter what I do, the members of the ministry disrespect me in his presence, and he won’t say anything about it.
He doesn’t care about how I feel, if am hurt or not, his major concern is just to please the member of the ministry. To correct them to stop disrespecting me, he can’t.
There was a time when two different ladies entered our room, they didn’t knock and I was naked, they could not even say sorry, they just picked what my husband asked them to get for him and left our room. How many will I even say?

He controls everything in the house everything, even my money, even the way I cook, it must cook the way his mother cook, I can’t drive things the way I want.

No matter what I do, he doesn’t appreciate or praise me but he can praise and appreciate every other person.

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