Thank you Pastor for this opportunity. I wasn’t a bad girl. But I was entangled with a big sister who misled me and organized her boyfriend to disvirgin me just to punish me for being rude.

I thought it would end there, but it didn’t. I was now the one looking for sex and I was available for just anybody.

My esteem was crushed and I felt empty. Because of my inexperience, I was getting pregnant so easily.

Eventually, I got born again and I asked for mercy because I thought I would never be able to conceive.

I am married today with two kids and my husband had no idea, so the guilt followed me everywhere and I still panic when I see babies.

I know God has forgiven me, but not being able to share this part of my life with anybody was a load on me.

As I am pouring out now, I feel better after so many years. Please don’t judge me, I am just an ignorant girl who God had mercy on.

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