I really don’t know how to start but as a divorcee, God helped me to stay for 3 years without even thinking of getting close to any man, I was deeply in service and God raised helpers for me. I got a job and recovered from the effect of the past.

The job is so demanding that I just try to cope. I met a man who is also a divorcee and we got along, I became so relaxed and so used to him that I didn’t know when I lost standard. In summary, he slept with me and I couldn’t forgive myself, we talked about it and it happened again, I know it is wrong but my emotions feel good and alive again. How do I stop falling into the same error?

In fact, the man I am talking about is not even a Christian but he is not a hypocrite who can actually say he is a Christian. I feel happy and relieved, God has used him to make me a better me. Is it possible to please God yet marry a Muslim? Why does he make me happy? Not by gifts or money but by care and pushing me to get better


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