Good morning. I’m married but find it hard to ask for money from my husband. I know we talked about money before marriage but I can’t remember what we said. We are both workerS and I think perchance we have indirectly agreed on me using my money for household expenses and he used his for our properties but the truth is that my money is not enough for household expenses. I buy everything!

From our children’s dresses to the roll, just name it. Those things drain me. Diapers, cereals etc. My kids stay with their grandparents so I have to make sure they always have these things in stock. Sometimes I feel guilty to ask for money because I know the things he also does drain him. He fuels our car, and pays school fees and bills. He Sometimes tells me he doesn’t have money so who I’m I to ask for it?

My husband is not a bad person but I only wish he would be sensitive to even ask whether I have money on me or not. If I don’t ask him, he wouldn’t give me. He assumes I have money. I don’t know where he thinks I get it from. Apart from my monthly income, I get money from nowhere. Sometimes I borrow from online money lenders or friends…hmmmm. I thought I could handle this but I think it is getting out of hand. I don’t have a great feeling about this.


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