I and my husband stay in different states because of work, he doesn’t visit often. We have 3 kids. When I complain to him that he should be visiting more often, he’ll say I am nagging and complaining too much, and that he’s busy with work. He queried if I want him to resign and come stay with me 24/7, then when bills come I would handle them.

I recently saw some evidence on his phone that suggested he’s having a relationship with someone in his town (where he’s working). He lied about it when I confronted him. I even went ahead to chat up the lady with the evidence I saw and wrote “God bless you for ruining another woman’s home”. The lady told me she didn’t know he was married. I am so hurt and broken right now.

I was planning to also retaliate with my EX, who happens to also stay in the same town I am working. This my ex has been disturbing me ever since he knew I was close by, but I kept him away by telling him my husband was in the same town as well.

Now am feeling like I shouldn’t have kept my ex away, that the man I was busy staying faithful to, doesn’t deserve my faithfulness.

I had already started having my emotions soothed by this ex, because I needed someone to talk to when I found out about my husband’s betrayal.

I am so confused right now because I know cheating back won’t ease my pains and it’s wrong, I am just so confused right now.

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