I’d been friends with this guy for close to 9 years before he opened up about his feelings for me. We were getting along well until late last year when I suddenly noticed he distanced himself from me. I finally confronted him about it, he said he felt I was comfortable with someone else (because of this guy who happens to be a friend that we talk) so in order not to confuse he felt it was best he stayed away. I apologize for drifting away and trying to get back to how our friendship was. But now he seemed to have ghosted me. It’s more like we don’t talk anymore. What do I do? Let him be? Because I’ve tried, it seems like there’s no more chance for us. As it stands, the friendship we built no longer exists.

Moreso, I clocked 26 this year and I don’t have a relationship, the suitors coming to me aren’t close to what I desire. Only this friend of mine ticks all my boxes. Please advise me cos my heart is broken.

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