I am a single lady of 38 years, a Christian and I cherish my relationship with God. I come from a closely-knit family and am the second to the last child. I am writing this having just dried my tears so I can see clearly. I have been praying to God for not just a marital breakthrough but for God to grant me a beautiful marriage with someone who truly loves and fears God. My problem now is that my family is doubting that I am not actually “disturbing” God enough. I believe God is perfect and His will for me is best, probably i appear so much at ease to them that they feel I don’t pray enough.

I have over time learned to table all my cares to God and getting settled maritally has been amongst my request all these while. I do not want to idolize marriage, I would rather my focus be on God and every other thing will follow but as the days go by I feel like am choked by the pressures around me. First was at my workplace, even the church but the most hurtful is my family…I think they think I must have done something wrong or have failed to do something right. This hurts so much because I didn’t know it could get to this point, I feel like a disappointment, broken and all alone. I have prayed to God to give me strength but how do I handle these pressures, especially from people I can’t avoid seeing every day?

N/B: My last relationship ended in 2020, I made certain mistakes I promised God I would never repeat, I also do not want to force things because I have rejected some people because they do not share the same mindset and I believe in God. I need your advice and support. Thanks.

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