I have been dating a widower with 4 children. We started dating 7 months after the demise of his wife in 2021. My relationship with him has lasted for about 1 year and 6 months now.

Initially, when we started this relationship, he never told me he wanted a kind of secret affair. One day I asked him what are his plans for the year 2023. He mentioned them to me and we both took notes of them but marriage is not in his plan.

I love him and the children as though they are mine. The oldest among the children is about 10 years. I sacrifice my time for him and the children to ensure that the children are being taken care of.

I noticed that when I send him messages, he hardly replies to my chats even after reading them although he only calls me once in a while. I went through his phone and I discovered that he has about four different women he chats with every day. Even sometimes when we are together right in my presence he talks to ladies on the phone spending about one hour on the phone gisting and laughing.

There’s this particular lady that he told about that he was his ex-girlfriend when they were in school before he met his wife and married her. I recall that he also told me that he once had issues with his late wife because this same ex-girlfriend used to disturb him with calls.

Now his wife is late, yet they still talk on the phone especially late nights calls. and their calls stay for longer hours. I confronted him but his response was that his ex-girlfriend is not his enemy so they are just friends.

Sir/Ma, I am tired of having a relationship with a man who finds it difficult to tell me I miss you or I love you but can easily tell some random ladies he chats with I miss you.

I have discussed with him several times that I am not comfortable with his relationship with his ex-girlfriend and other women. He went on and told me that he can do what he likes as he is not committed to anyone.

I want to quit my relationship with him. Should I just quit the relationship without saying any more words to him. or sit him down and tell him my reasons for quitting the relationship?

I am so pained right now because I feel as though I have wasted my time with him.



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