My sister’s friend’s husband has impregnated their housemaid, a girl of about 16 who has been with them for like 2 years. This lady is 2 years older than her husband and is the breadwinner of the family. She is always busy. She goes out with the girl to her place of business and comes back with her in the evening. The girl claimed the man had been raping her while the wife is asleep.

She has confessed to the lady but the man doesn’t know and is saying they should help her abort the pregnancy and return her to her parents who are very poor villagers and gave the girl to this lady in the hope she will help her get a better future than what they could afford to give her. Now, this lady is scared of what her husband who doesn’t know she is aware can do. Because he appears desperate. Should she confront him directly, invite his family members (hers are all out of the country except her parents who are too sick to travel), or their pastor? They are good Christians and they serve in the church.


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