Good evening pastor
I have been doing business but this time around, everything went wrong, all my capital is gone, and still owed a lot of people as much as #300K, I have tried paying it little by little, but the interest that is accumulating is not helping me.
This whole thing is making me sick and depressed, every day I kept getting threatening messages and curses from this loan app to pay off their monies, most times I got my salaries everything will go into repayment of debts.
I tried to contact some of my friends to see if I could see anyone that can give me the whole of the #300K to repay this loan app and be paying the person #50k every month from my salary , so they will stop calling my contacts and stop embarrassing me but none of them has that amount.
It is looking like God and everyone around me has deserted me, when things were good around me , I had many friends, I couldn’t see my friends suffering and I will turn a blind eye, even it meant denying myself somethings just to see them happy.
But here I am just depressed and scared, my future is now looking bleak before me. I don’t know what to do anymore .pls, I need help,


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