My husband is not a salary earner but I am, he is a pastor and supports the ministry with the car business which is not an every-time income thing, and we have a large family, 5 kids, and a helper cos I work in d bank all together 8 members in the family. my problem is this I and my husband are two different people in attitude he is the kind of person that does his things when he is fully ready to but I am different I don’t like pending things, especially in the area of paying school fees. he will keep delaying until it is convenient for him to pay before he will pay, so any time I collect my salary I will just send it to my children’s school account the reason I don’t tell him most times before paying is that sometimes he will tell me to borrow him the money to use first before he sends it later but this usually causes my children embarrassment at school cos they might call them out among those still owing and it gets them off the balance of which I am naturally not comfortable with so after I send I will then tell him I sent so so amount to the kid’s school acct, and then he will ask why didn’t I tell him before doing so. please I need advice what do I do? cos I don’t want to be a Rebellious wife.



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