My husband wants me to take a loan from my workplace to put into the car business while the loan repayments will be collected from my salary monthly for the next two years because I am fully sure he will not pay back because I have tried giving him money in the past that was not paid back.

I have borrowed money for him in the past that I ended up paying myself. The loan amount is 800k and repayment is 49k monthly from a salary of 126k. He is into ministry and because the car business is not something that sells every day, he will sometimes travel to Abuja looking out for how to sell the car and at the end of the day he is at the mercy of the buyers.

I have advised him to concentrate on the ministry so that the salary will be helping out with the bills of the family but he is insisting that he also wants to do business so that he can be contributing to the family’s needs, I advised him to change the line of business to something that will bring daily income but he said I am not supportive or encouraging his line of what he knows how to do best, but to me,  I have seen lapses in the past that sometimes will put him into serious debts since the business is a kind of business that requires huge amount, I am disturbed. I don’t want him to feel that I am not supporting him in what he knows how to do best, and I also don’t want that money to be lost and I will remain in debt for the next two years.

we are still living in a rented house I have advised him that we should go for land with the loan money so that I can be paying from my salary but he is insisting on putting the money into the car business. He claims he has 400k and that if I give him the 800k he will add it up to it and start with his own capital, that all the while he has been using borrowed money, but my challenge is if he has been using borrowed money where then is the borrowed money that he is just left with 400k and he is into debts of close to 1million that the persons some times call me to report him to me, so you can see that I am very worried and I need serious advice on what to do.  

I don’t want to collect a loan and have my salary reduced every month for the next two years and then the 800k is not yielding profits that will now support the reduced salary… please my case is urgent. thank you.


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