Good morning sir,
Pls, sir, my question is about finance in marriage.
My husband believes as a wife, I am supposed to be submitting my salary to him for him to join to his own salary and run the home from it. That anything I need and the house need we write the list together then disburse the money appropriately, and the reasons are first marriage is like a company the employer and employee relationship, the employee work toward making the company earn and achieve its goal but submit it to the employer and get paid, what the employee wants to do with the salary is up to them, insist that I don’t give percentage for the family but give all, because he takes care of everyone, is not that I will not get my needs met so if I say trust him that’s what I should do. Sir, I really find this strange, I need to understand how a working-class wife is supposed to use her money, I thought I was supposed to be supporting not giving all, and getting maintenance money from it. He said after all the money will be used for the family’s benefit, not for his personal use, what should be putting the money together and him being in charge as the head of the family? Really need to understand this.


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