My fiance is the type that’s quiet and doesn’t talk much..but he hides under this to do some annoying things
He speaks to me casually as one would speak to his friend..there’s nothing like pet names, no romantic words and this is a distant relationship
I’ve complained several times, I told him my love language but no change still
All he tells me is to give him time but I don’t know how long
There are several things he does casually and I told him I’m someone who pays attention to things a lot even to the minutest thing.. I opened up totally but he’s not doing anything about it
I even asked him to let me know if he doesn’t have any plans for me or love me (which I know he does) so that I can just move but he twisted the whole thing, and it’s freaking annoying

I don’t feel loved and honored even though I’m sure he loves me


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