Financial stress and Kingdom marriage

Nigeria’s economic challenges can put significant stress on marriages. What practical advice can you give to Christian couples on managing financial pressures while maintaining a strong, faith-centered relationship?  

Marital delay

Good morning Pastor, I want to vent this morning.Why does it seem God is taking the time to answer my marital prayers? I have been praying for marriage since I was 22 and I’m 32 now, what is it I’m doing wrong?I pray, fast, give, put myself out there and I...

Everything He Says Is Always Right

I’m tired. Whatever I do or say in the house is not always right in his face. When my husband talks he must not hear me say a word because if I do he will hold on to my words. I’m tired of quarreling with him all-day

Just Venting

I feel like being nice or having a good heart toward people has no reward. I just turned 30 and yet no serious relationship. I have been so dedicated and waiting on God and yet still don’t understand. One of my ex who gave a flimsy excuse for a break up got...

My husband does not do anything or give unless I Ask

How do I relate with my husband who always want me to ask for something before doing anything. He does not have a mind of doing anything without being pushed or asked to do it and even when I ask it ends in complains and how he needs to do this and that but he will...