We got married in December 2017 and we have been having serious issues in our marriage since 2019, children are falling sick every now and then, late nights beatings, abuse etc
We no longer enjoy each other’s company but we have sex together.

This year I took a bold step to guess his password and check his WhatsApp and saw multiple sex chats and appointments with girlfriends, it was heartbreaking that some were even when we were together laughing , or from Church. I reported him to our church pastor and later he confessed that that was just a little of what he had been doing. He had struggled with lust even before marriage and thought marriage would finally solve it.
We started prayers and fasting together.
Just today I had a short dream and conviction that he had something with the neighbors I was accused of cooking for him when I was at the hospital and they both denied.
He confessed that he slept with her and wanted to tell me. But I don’t believe that he would tell me anything if I hadn’t found out myself.

I am so confused, hurt and pained. I married as a virgin and married him because he was God fearing , he even holds posts in Church, now I am seeing that he has no fear of God he is only a good boy to people. How do I save my home, I don’t want a divorce because of my children. His parents and siblings are also divorced.


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