I got pregnant in 2021 out of wedlock, he was aware then (though we didn’t date for so long before it happened) At first when the pregnancy happened he said he was happy but it was not the right time because he was not financially okay. To conclude, we aborted but I didn’t want to because I know it was a sin, all of a sudden he changed towards me.

I carried my pregnancy alone with my family. I had to get his brother’s number to inform them I am pregnant The brother involved the family.

After all that, I gave birth, he came begging and my family as a Christian accepted. Things were going on fine (I live with my parents) so down to 2022 we only talked on the phone. He stopped coming to see me because he kept saying he didn’t have money. I was worried, my daughter clocked 1 around November 2022. We went to their family house to celebrate and all. The parents spoke to both of us and he agreed not to be far. And ever since we returned from the family house our fight was intensified.

So as of this year January, I  was trying to know the plan probably we will have our introduction and all. (Maybe the way I brought it up wasn’t right, I don’t get) we fought and he stopped picking up my calls nor was he replying to my chat. So in a particular midnight, I called and he picked up and I asked him questions. What is going on? He said our fighting is too much and that he needs to give us a lot of break. And I’m like why? So since then, he stopped picking up my calls.

I think I should move on with my life. This is too much already. I’m deeply hurt and I’m still trying to forgive but he is not seeing it.

I have been struggling to let go, I have prayed and prayed. But it’s getting stronger for me. 

I need a solution sir/ma


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