I had a friend back in secondary school. We were classmates and also neighbors at home. We got close and I later proposed to her while I was in university…about 400 level.

She accepted and very close to our introduction date she now disclosed her real age to me as being older by a year and some months.

All the while she knew I had knowledge of her age as being age mates of only a month apart. I was shocked as she told me her school records have 1984 while she was actually 1983 November. I was 1984 December.

I thought to myself why hide the age? I went on to marry her but each time we had a disagreement the way and manner she addressed me was akin to talking to her younger sibling who I am older than by a year.

I have challenged and told her about this but it still comes to the fore.

We were both not virgins when we got married. I had lusted after a luscious lady at my workplace and confessed the same to her after the deed of which she refused to get involved with me for a long while.

She later came around and forgave me and also confessed she had slept with someone too long before I did.

I sought a transfer out of my place of work to break off from the lady at work and I was moved some states away.

What can I do especially with her  Condescending attitude when she is angry with me?


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