See The Kind of Network That Will Get You A Bae/Boo – Part 2

See The Kind of Network That Will Get You A Bae/Boo – Part 2

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We started on this topic a while ago and I’m sure we’ve all done some thinking about it and are making definite and active steps to get and to keep our spirit man in that position of authority which is naturally receptive to instructions and directions that comes from the frequency of “God’s Network Provider”

Let’s go a little deeper. Man has been made spirit, soul and body. The spirit of man is naturally and intuitively tied to God, the soul of man which is the bed of understanding and physical consciousness is like an entity on it’s own which is why scripture defines man as a “living (breath) soul” (consciousness of life) emphasis mine. The body is just a vessel and cannot function outside the first 2.

The ability to sense God can only be done by the spirit of man which has been made in the true “image of God” because GOD HIMSELF IS A SPIRIT.

I’m sure you will be wondering why all this spirit and soul lectures just to get a Bae or Boo?

Your mind which is a functional part of your soul was designed to receive from the spirit, but if you do not SUBMIT the will of your mind to your INNER MAN/SPIRIT which is tied to God you will keep picking wrong signals thinking the Lord is speaking to you meanwhile you’re merely judging by what your mind feels is right.

So sister Sube can think because brother Joan dresses well, speaks in tongues and has a really tall frame which is solely what she physically desires in a man is the will of God ABSOLUTELY WRONG CONFIGURATION!

Here’s the right approach. I like brother Joan because he has absolutely all that I physically desire in a man, but dear Lord, I submit this soulical wish to you.

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That way, you just submitted your soulful wishes to your spirit which is ever ready to receive from God the Light and the Truth.

Another thing is that if you are praying to Jesus for a man after his heart, for a Bae or a Boo you have to go all out Spiritually.

Meaning: ERASE ALL THE CONCEPTIONS OF YOUR MIND and prepare your mind to receive from God! Wipe away all that perception of tall dark and handsome or sleek and Coca-Cola shape because what Jesus has for you that will profit you may not be in such frame.

When your obedience is complete, God is gracious, you may in the end get all that your spirit, soul and body desire in that bae or boo, just make sure you’re not the one dictating the size, shade and shape to God if you are asking for his will for you. That, friend, is not a good network reception.

I pray God grants us more understanding.

I trust the Lord with all my heart, I submit my will to his will.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I receive grace to submit always to your will, no matter how difficult it might seem.

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. (Proverbs 3:5, AMP)

Read Man on Three Dimensions by Kenneth Hagin

Genesis 29-30

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