Yeah! I’m Redeemed

Yeah! I’m Redeemed

Message taught By Rev Dunamis Tunde Okunowo on Sunday, 11th of August 2019

  • Redemption realities show who we are in God and things we can access because of that.
  • Everything we ever need as believers is in redemption.
  • Hebrews 8:1
  • There are times we have done somethings that did not come with repercussion, this is because we have an high priest that intercedes for us all.
  • Because we have an high priest interceding for us does not mean we can continue in sin/compromise.
  • The purpose of the high priest is for you to get our od that compromise and to live right. He is not there to preserve you in the bond of iniquity.
  • The right priest understands our frailty as humans.
  • The purpose of the high priest is to take you away from sin and not to preserve you in sin.
  • The tabernacle of Moses was built to specification to the last detail. The tabernacle of Moses on earth is a represntation/type of what is in heaven.
  • If the original covenant had no fault there would have been no need for Jesus (the new covenant)
  • God forgives and forgets (Hebrews 8:12) man can forgive, but most times cannot forget
  • There is no insignificant thing in heaven. Everything is recorded, God is a detailed God.

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  • Ladies, don’t use your emotions to manipulate people around you.
  • Your problem is not in prayers it is in how you are dealing with people around you now.
  • You cant be born again and still do the same things you used to do.
  • 8:13 – we should allow our old life to wax old and vanish away now that we are in Christ.
  • The moment sounds stop in the realm of the spirit, it is a sign of death.
  • 9:12 The work of redemption is complete.
  • God’s work of redemption is once and for all… We are freed once and for all.
  • It’s one thing for Jesus to have made redemption available for us, it is another thing for us to embrace it.
  • God because of his nature cannot behold iniquity.
  • We can come boldly because Christ has paid the supreme price.
  • Be particular about the things you do, don’t take the blood of Jesus for granted.
  • Maintain a personal discipline to live right
  • The Church is not a joking place to live in sin.
  • The redemption plan is complete, God has no other plan than Jesus. You can hide under the blood but the destination is hell.
  • We have to come to a place where we make up our mind not deceive ourselves.


  • Lord help me
  • I loose myself from the bond of iniquity

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